My dog suddenly wants to sleep alone

My dog suddenly wants to sleep alone

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In most situations, dog owners train their dogs to sleep with them either in the same room or on the same bed. If this sounds like you, it may be shocking to know that your dog wants to sleep alone. This can be surprising because generally, dogs are known for their social interactions with humans and animals alike.

It is often rare to find dogs deciding to sleep alone and distance themselves from every other member of their family.

So if you suddenly notice that your dog has recently preferred to sleep in isolation, there is one major reason for this and that could be depression among others.

We have compiled several reasons why your dog suddenly wants to sleep alone after multiple interactions with you or other people.

Why my dog suddenly wants to sleep alone

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Here are the reasons why your dog may choose to sleep alone:

·         Depression

As you have with humans, dogs are also not exempted from feeling depressed. While a dog is depressed, they will begin to show weird behaviors like deciding to sleep alone and isolating himself from other members of his family.

Depression is not a rare behavior, and it is often caused by one action or the other. A change of environment or surroundings is one of the ways your dog may get depressed. If your dog is too familiar with an apartment, and you decide to move with your dog to another house on a permanent basis, your dog could get depressed.

Your dog’s depression comes because he is not familiar with the new environment, and it could take some time before they become acquainted with the new apartment.

Another cause of depression in dogs is the loss of a companion or the addition of a new family member.

Dogs have emotions, and if someone departs from the household, it could have a telling effect on your dog, and it can lead to depression.

Furthermore, the addition of a new family member could make them depressed. However, as time goes on, they will get used to the new family member, and they will be active once more.

In summary, if your dog is depressed, they will most certainly choose to sleep alone and not interact with anyone.

·         Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are two common signs found in dogs. Consequently, fear or anxiety can result in instances where your dog may decide to sleep alone or decide to stay away from every other people.

Fear in dogs could also cause trauma, which may require a long time before they fully recover. Signs of anxiety in dogs include grooming, trembling, whining, and barking excessively.

The causes of fear in dogs could be as a result of lightning, noisy environments, strangers, certain animals, and so much more. In order to solve the problem of fear in dogs, it is important to take your dog away from environments that could make them become scared.

A dog filled with fears will always want to be alone, sleep alone, and stay away from people.

·         The usual place is no longer comfortable

Why should your dog sleep in a place that is no longer comfortable? This is one of the major reasons why your dog may decide to find a new sleeping position. Probably you have got a new partner, your dog may not be comfortable to sleep with a stranger.

You should check around his usual bed space to see if there is anything that looks uncomfortable.

·         Heart problems

Another reason why your dog may decide to sleep alone could be due to heart issues. If your dog is experiencing heart issues, they are likely to feel pains and prefer to stay and sleep alone.

Heart disease in dogs is often caused as a result of aging, infection, heart failure, injury, and so much more.

If their heart is unable to function as it should, it will deny other parts of the body of oxygen. This could lead to a leak in fluid in the airways, which will cause coughing in dogs.

If oxygen is not being shared well in the respiratory organ in dogs, it could result in low stamina, loss of appetite, behavioral changes like sleeping alone.

If heart issues are not treated quickly in dogs, it could worsen and may possibly lead to death.

·         Pains

If your dog suddenly decides to sleep alone, it could be that he is going through one sort of pain or the other. While it may be difficult to ascertain where the pain is coming from, it is crucial to look and observe closely to find out the cause.

Pains in dogs could come in their bones, muscles, or joints, and it may be as a result of injuries. In the case of older dogs, they will begin to experience arthritis in different parts of the body, and it could make them simply lay in one position.

What to do if your dog decides to sleep alone

The best action to take if your dog decides to sleep alone is to watch them closely for anything which may have gone wrong in their health and look for a possible solution.

If you are unable to detect the issue, then you should take your dog to a vet for assessment and possible treatment.

If this change in behavior is caused by emotional changes such as fear or depression, it means that your dog needs more care, support, time, and attention from you. also, you should checkout to ensure that his sleeping condition is comfortable.


Dogs are social creatures and should be treated as a part of your family. The behavioral change of your dog choosing to sleep alone is a decision that you should be worried about.

Since dogs are social creatures, they often find it exciting sleeping with their owner, rather than sleeping alone.

Instead of panicking, look out for the reason why your dog has taken up this behavior and seek for the right and appropriate solution to reverse the issues.

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