How fast does poodle hair grow?

How fast does poodle hair grow?

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If you know poodle for anything, it is definitely for their trademark coats.

Some people, including dog owners, often confuse poodle hair for fur. They are two different things because poodle hair grows continually.

Besides, the hair of a poodle grows much quicker than that of a full-grown dog. One exciting aspect of the poodle hair is that it is capable of changing color.

So, this leads us to the question of how fast does poodle hair grow? Well, from research conducted, it is safe to say that the hair growth of a poodle is flanked by half an inch to one inch in 30 days.

It is very difficult to state the exact time frame that a poodle grows its hair, but in the space of a month, they are likely to grow half an inch to one inch of hair. The time of a season (winter, summer) has nothing to do with the growth of a poodle’s hair.

Can a Poodle Hair Stop Growing?

There is a certain answer to this question. Poodle hair will never stop growing. This is the reason why you have to maintain the growing hair of your poodle carefully.

If you fail to maintain their growing hair, it may start to create mats, and tangle afterward. On the other hand, when it comes to poodles that have corded coats, you can leave their coats to create mats until it gets to a point when you can now cut them equally.

While you leave your poodle’s hair to grow, it is always important not to forget to groom it once it begins to go out of shape.

How Many Coats Do Poodles Have?

Poodles only have one coat. The reason why some poodles are hypoallergenic is because of the kind of coat they have. While poodles only have once coat, other dogs are known to have double coats.

The prevalent dissimilarity between the two kinds of coat is that dogs that have double coating are more likely to shed all through the season while single coated poodles don’t shed, and they are seen as hypoallergenic.

Some Problems Associated With Poddle Hair

Just like every other dog hair, poodles also have issues with their hair. The biggest problem associated with poodle hair is that it has a habit of becoming thin and falling off its body.

However, this happens mostly in female poodles whenever they are experiencing hormonal flow or heat.

Here are some other common problems associated with poodle hair:

Castration responsive dermatosis

This issue is associated with uncommon loss of hair that happens in young male poodles. Also, this condition is linked with castration responsive because it has some connection to the poodle’s hormone.

The recommended way of treating this condition in poodles is by Neutering. In fact, this condition is also likely to happen in female poodles.

Alopecia X

Alopecia X is known as a balding disorder that happens as a result of growth hormone problems while a poodle grows to become an adult. A poodle’s change to adulthood is capable of leading to a loss of hair on its body.

Poor breeding habits simply cause this condition and it is regarded as a cosmetic problem.


A few poodles have some allergies that prevent them from coming in contact with shampoos because it tends to cause difficulty in their eyes and skin.

An allergy in a poodle will lead to non-stop itching that will see a poodle scratching out its hair, and this could also result in sores. To prevent this, make sure your poodle is away from any of its allergies.

What Can I Do To Stop My Poddle Hair From Matting?

Among other genetic skin conditions, matting is also one of the issues a poodle owner has to solve.

Try to solve this issue early enough because if matting is not taken seriously at the early stage, you may be forced to cut the whole poodle hair. Apparently, if you cut the poodle hair for the ones that have show coats, it can be quite damaging.

Brushing the hair of a poodle frequently has nothing to do with poodle hair matting. You can simply stop your poodle hair from matting by using the right grooming tool and brushing the dog well. It is also important to continually brush the dog to prevent any new mats from forming.

If you have enough time on your hands, you can set up a stringent and frequent grooming plan for your poodle.

Types of Poddle Hair

There are tons of poodle hairsthat a poodle can have depending on their breed. Here are but a few hairs a poodle can have:

  • Puppy Clip
  • Curly Coat
  • Puppy Coat
  • Continental Clip
  • English Saddle Clip
  • Improper Coat
  • Corded Coat

Puppy Clip: This is more of a natural type of hair common in an adolescent poodle. It begins to grow right from their birth prior to maturity when they hit one year.

Curly Coat: Whenever a poodle moves out of a puppy coat, it will begin to grow a thick curly kind of hair that will cover its whole body from head to toe.

This type of coat is hypoallergenic. However, you need to maintain the curly coat regularly to prevent matting.

Puppy Coat: A poodle will continue to grow puppy coat until it reaches one year. When this type of hair is growing, it will always be soft straight, and thin but will start growing curly when they grow much older.

Continental Clip: This type of poodle has its rear and back legs shaved. They are a very tough dog to maintain.

English Saddle Clip: This is similar to a continental clip, only that this one has its rear and back legs cut into a series of pom-poms. They do not cut the hairs at the back of their tails. English Saddle are also very difficult to maintain.

Improper Coat: They are not curly in nature and will, in most cases, show soft waves in spots. Improper coats can be brushed easily but have problems in show.

Corded Coat: This is not commonly seen in poodles. A corded coat is an instance where a poodle’s hair grows to the extent of a long and rough dreadlock.


The trademark of a poodle is their hair, and it should be taken with all seriousness. In order to have perfect poodle hair, you should endeavor to cut the hairs at intervals and watch their growth.

Generally, always remember that a poodle’s hair grows by half an inch to one inch every 30 days.

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