Dog scratching crate floor

Dog scratching crate floor – why and the implications

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Dog behaviors sometimes can be awkward. If you have ever lived with dogs for a while, you can reckon with this fact.

Today’s article, we will be looking at various scenarios where a dog scratches its crate and what could be the possible implications.

Why does my dog scratch the floor at night?

Does your dog scratch her crate floor at night before bedtime?

You are not alone with this. Here is why.

Everyone has their unique bedtime rituals they perform, and dogs are in no exception. If you watch your dog closely, you may see that they will either bite or scratch their crate floor before lying down to sleep.

While this behavior may seem awkward, it is something they do on some occasions when they want to take a nap.

There are several roots and suggestions why your dog may be scratching his crate floor before lying down to sleep.

The following are some of the reasons.

For comfort

Another reason why dogs may scratch their crate floor is because they are in search of comfort.

In some cases, your dog may not feel comfortable in his crate, and he will dig or scratch the crate floor while in search of comfort.

Before dogs became domestic companions, they were always fond of scratching the ground before they lay down.

In fact, experts have suggested that they do this in order to create a form of a nest, as you have with birds.

Dogs often find it difficult to sleep when they are not comfortable in their crate. So, to find that comfort, they go about scratching their crate floor in an attempt to find that comfort.

For a better temperature

This seems weird, right? Dogs actually scratch their crate floors in search of the right temperature before they sleep.

For instance, if the weather is hot and the ground is not cold, they will begin to scratch thinking that they may find the right temperature they crave.

Dogs will never feel comfortable in a temperature that they do not like.

Why is my dog digging in his crate?

The following are some of the major reasons why dogs dig or scratch the crate floor.

They want to be free

The majority of dogs hate being tamed. This is the reason why you see them jump around, run around, and get excited the moment they are released from the crate.

Scratching the crate is just an attempt to channel their anger to something else.

This is just one of the reasons, but can only be applicable for situations where dogs are forced to stay in their crate against their will.

For entertainment

You read correctly. Dogs often scratch their crate floors for entertainment. This is evident because dogs always find joy entertaining themselves by scratching and digging to their satisfaction.

If your dog is bored or looking for something to occupy his time, he will opt to scratch his crate’s floor.

In this case, experts believe that dogs who scratch their crate floors when they are bored do it for the sake of entertaining themselves.

Providing them toys will channel their boredom to appropriately.


Another reason why dogs scratch their crate floor is because of their instinct. It is no surprise that some of the weird behaviors exhibited by dogs are some of the things they inherited from their primitive ancestors.

Prior to dogs being classified as domestic animals, they used to live on their own, and they usually forage for food themselves. Asides from food, they typically look for their shelter and other means of survival without the help of anyone.

This is the reason why dog experts have come up with the assumption that dogs who scratch their crate floors before lying down are doing so based on their instinct.

A popular saying goes that you cannot take away rocks from a mountain; otherwise, it will no longer be called a mountain.

If you attempt to stop your dog from scratching his crate floor, then you may be tampering with their in-built behavior.

The behavior of dogs scratching their crate floor is in them, and it is almost impossible for you to erase that awkward behavior.

Should dog owners encourage their dogs to scratch their crate floors?

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No dog owners love this behavior. Apart from the damages that these activities can impart the crate, it also causes disturbance, especially during bedtime.

If your dog engages in this act, you may be wondering if you should stop them or encourage it.

Regrettably, there is no certain answer to reply to the question.

However, if the behavior is destroying your home, then you will have to make your dog stop it. It is better to act as fast as possible the moment you notice this behavior because an encouraged action leads to a habit that you will hate to live with eventually.

How can I get my dog to stop scratching the floor?

The best and natural way to ensure that your dog stops this behavior is by providing an alternative comforting and relaxing place for them to sleep.

If they see it as a way of giving out energy, you should take them on a walk or get them their favorite toy to play with.

If this behavior is linked with emotional and medical stress like fear, anxiety, and mental infections, then you are advised to visit your vet immediately. This should be done if the aforementioned suggestions prove abortive.


At this point, you have found out that the behavior of dogs scratching their crate is mostly based on their instinct.

You are now left with the decision to either stop them from carrying on or to continue giving room for their behavior.

Luckily, the problem behind your dog scratching their crate floor does not have a severe effect on your dog and you have nothing to be worried about.

They can be trained to stop it.

While you are taking your dog through the process to stop this, you can consider buying a crate pad to put on the crate floor. This will reduce the damages and reduce the noise the action could be causing.

Another way that has also proven to work is to tire them out just before bedtime. Your dog will immediately sleep as soon as they get into their crate.

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