Do dogs pee a lot when pregnant

Do dogs pee a lot when pregnant?

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A dog’s pregnancy will probably start from its ovulation to the period of their birth.

The time frame of a dog’s pregnancy is always between 61 – 65 days.

As with humans, pregnant dogs also go through some tough periods of behavioral and physical changes to their bodies.

Pregnant dogs usually experience three trimesters of pregnancy, each of them around 3 weeks.

The signs shown by your dog’s pregnancy will not be evident until the latter stages of their pregnancy.

Different signs will show if your dog is pregnant. However, you shouldn’t be totally dependent on these signs. We will discuss more about these signs in another section of this post.

If you are not sure that your dog is pregnant, you should confirm with your vet.

And if you are wondering whether dogs pee a lot when pregnant, the answer is yes, they do and we explained more as you read on.

Signs of pregnancy in dogs

A dog can only be pregnant two times a year. The pregnancy period in dogs varies depending on the dog breed.

There are usually many changes experienced in their behavior when they are pregnant, including hormone imbalance.

Other little and less noticeable signs include tensing of back legs and waving tails for males to notice her and lifting her hindquarters towards a male when they come around.

When your dog becomes pregnant, their vulva swells, and there is usually blood and vaginal discharge.

On the other hand, while the swelling will reduce, the vaginal and blood discharge will change color as the cycle continues.

The most notable change in dogs during pregnancy is that they pee a lot and are usually nervous.

  1. Loss of appetite

Your pregnant dog will most likely experience a loss of appetite at the beginning of their pregnancy or the end.

To help your dog find its appetite while pregnant, visit your dog for a proper assessment and possibly medication.

Your pregnant dog will need to be fed so that she can have enough strength and energy to push through when it is time for delivery.

However, be careful not to over-feed your pregnant dog because it could easily lead to weight gain. Your vet should be able to brief you on the amount of food you need to give your pregnant dog to stay fit and agile throughout the entire pregnancy period.

  1. Sick state

Your pregnant dog may also begin to fall sick and experience morning sickness. Hormonal changes usually cause morning sickness.

According to records, this change commonly takes place during the third or fourth week. Luckily, the sad change only happens for some days before your dog becomes normal again.

In terms of vomiting, some pregnant dogs exhibit this sign, while others do not even vomit at all during their pregnancy period.

  1. Behavioral and physical changes

There is a high chance that your pregnant dog will begin to exhibit some changes in their behaviors and temperament.

For example, your pregnant dog might not be as active as she used to; other times, she may become angry for no reason or become moody all of a sudden.

Well, do not fret when this happens because it is perfectly normal. A good pet and treat should get your pregnant dog feeling alright once more.

Also, your pregnant dog may become more defensive than they used to be because of the fear of being attacked.

During the last stage of your dog’s pregnancy, they may become reserved and quiet until she finally gives birth.

When it comes to physical changes, your pregnant dog will likely add weight even if she is not fed too much.

Other physical changes include darken nipple and increased nipple.

Do dogs pee a lot when pregnant?

Without a doubt, peeing is one of the hormonal changes experienced in pregnant dogs. A dog will most likely pee consistently when she is pregnant.

Changes to their hormones mostly cause this, and it is a perfectly normal change.

So, when your pregnant dog begins to pee often, consider it as a sign of pregnancy and try to feed her with proper and nutritious food.

Do dogs pee a lot before labor?

Dogs behave differently especially when pregnant. But when it comes to signs of pregnancy, the signs can be common among them. If your dog is almost due for delivery, there are chances that their peeing frequency might increase.

Most dog owners have reported to have used this behavior to know when they are about to push out their pups.

You should always be observant. If you notice that your pregnant dog is visiting the potty area often than normal and restless, then it is a pointer that she is about to go into labor.

Pregnant dog urine smell

Haven stated previously that your dog’s hormone changes during pregnancy, you should always expect some weird happenings. When dogs are pregnant, their urine will have a strong odor than usual.

However, this is not common to all dogs. In most cases, when her pee leaves a strong odor, and it is not traced to pregnancy, then it is more likely that she has contracted a urinal tract infection that will require immediate attention.


If you are unsure if your dog has become pregnant due to one common sign or the other, you should take her to the vet for proper check and confirmation.

Peeing a lot when pregnant is not a bad omen for your female dog. It is simply a sign that your dog is pregnant and should be taken care of all rounds.

As a responsible dog owner, you should care for your pregnant dog and ensure they deliver safely.

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