Can you mix two different dry dog food?

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Nowadays, selecting the best food to feed your dogs can be confusing, especially because we do not just have varieties from different brands, but we now have both wet and dry dog food.

With these two choices available, dog owners are now asking about the possibility of mixing two different dog food, and more importantly, two different dry dog food.

From our perspective, there is nothing wrong with mixing two different dry dog foods.

In fact, some veterinary doctors will advise you to feed your dog with mixed dry food, as long as they have the required and balanced nutrients that will make them healthy.

This article will give you additional reasons for why it is fine to mix different dry dog foods.

First, let us digress a little into the possibility of mixing other types of food.

Can I mix wet and dry dog food?

Blending wet and dry dog food is acceptable as long as the two options are high quality and meet your pet’s nourishing and wellbeing needs.

Quality wet and dry food is made to furnish your pet with the protein, fat, nutrients, minerals, and different supplements it needs to flourish.

Notwithstanding, if your dog experiences a medical issue and needs a particular kind of diet, for example, wet nourishment for kidney illness, don’t roll out a dietary change without communicating with your veterinarian first.

Can you mix two different dry dog food

Yes, you can certainly mix two different dry dog foods. However, while mixing the different dry dog food, make sure the two different kinds of food have the same quality.

For example, you wouldn’t want to have one particular dry dog food with higher quality than another kind of dry dog food. Unfortunately, this is what the majority of dog owners tend to do to cut down on costs.

This would cause an imbalance in the food quality, and it can make your dog throw up.

Another con with mixing two different dry dog foods is that it could result in indigestion in your dog’s stomach.

Without a doubt, when there is food indigestion in your dog’s stomach, your dog will most likely throw up again.

To be on the safer side, you should contact your vet for the right mixture of two different dry dog food so that you don’t end up rushing your dog to the vet for a much worrying situation.

Some dog owners may choose not to feed their dog with two different dry foods because their dog may grow to develop allergies with some kind of food.

This is not a welcome development because the food they have an allergy to may be the only available food at the moment.

According to a study, it was gathered that most dog owners prefer to find a particular food their dog likes and stick with it.

Sticking with that particular food means they will continue to feed their dog with that same food until they decide to change it to another type. This is what we at DogHungry recommend.

Why shouldn’t you mix different dog foods?

The extraordinary danger lies in mixing dog’s nourishments that have fundamentally killing potential. When you mix various kinds of food along these lines, your dog won’t process the regular food ordinarily.

Consequently, this makes the development of gas that can further lead to a condition called gastric torsion.

This happens quickly when the regular food gets caught by the more slow processing dry food, keeping it from being processed the right way.

The condition referred to as Gastric torsion can end your dog’s life surprisingly fast whenever it is not treated. Dog owners should search for assistance from a certified veterinarian when you notice the signs of gastric torsion.

You can easily identify if your dog has gastric torsion through the following signs:

  • Being fretful and taking a glimpse or look at its own stomach or on the floor.
  • Heaving, or attempting to vomit and being not able to. Additionally, white foam may emerge from your dog’s mouth when it attempts to vomit
  • Having a distended stomach which seems like a drum when tapped. This is as a result of the irritation and building of gas.
  • Agony and noticeable aggravation in the stomach.

Thus, when you see any of these signs, head to the vet’s office immediately.

Should dogs eat the same food every day?

You need to ensure that you are doing the most you can to ensure they enjoy a refreshing eating routine and be happy.

In similarity with humans, dogs probably would not have any desire to eat something the same kind of food consistently for a long time.

In contrast with humans, dogs just have 1700 taste receptors, while humans have 9000.

Given the dog’s number of taste receptors, dogs don’t get exhausted eating the same kind of food as regularly as humans.

Along these lines, it is not compulsory to completely change your dog’s food regularly. You can adopt a change, but it has to come little by little and not immediately.

Additionally, switching up your dog’s eating routine to regularly could change your dog’s wellbeing.

It is very important to see how new food influences your dog’s stomach. When changing your dog’s eating habits, it is vital to get your dog acclimated to the new food by fusing the old food with the new food over a couple of days.

In the event that the dog food is feasible in keeping up your dog’s health, you actually need to broaden the menu, you should consider simply changing the flavor or adding a few treats to your dog’s food.

Stick with the foods that are low in sodium and fat. For instance, treats can have carrots, peas, rice, or bits of chicken. Your dog will get energized and value the additional treats.

There are so many dog food brands and recipes out there that it is difficult to pick the most ideal decision. The variety, size and age of your dog will figure out what diet is best.

Ensuring your dog has all fundamental supplements for the day and year will bring about a more joyful and more beneficial dog.


So can you mix two different dry dog food? The answer is yes, but we reckoned that they are of the same quality.

Mixing dry dog food is okay and can be adopted depending on the desire of the dog owner and the dog.

While embedding this new option, it is important not to force your dog to eat the mixed dry food unless they decide to.

Also, contact your vet to get recommendations on the dry foods with the best quality so that your dog can get the best and stay healthy.

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